Medicine Of Love

Finally I survive the first week of my 5th semester. Since everybody is skipping Friday's class so I also declare holiday too ^^ After staying here for five days trying to adapt my living environment, my class time, etc, I began to feel more positive energy inside me to tackle this whole new semester.

Rain had been continue to pour on my hostel area this few day, and I stupidly kick my blanket off my bed causing myself fever overnight. My whole body felt weak and my head is spinning, but thanks to Mindy I got this.

Love Medicine - Panadol

And thanks for this love medicine I was able to attend CAED class, if not my name will definitely be blacklisted by lecturer, he is really scary T.T

Thanks for Mindy for her "cream" to relieve my "itchiness" too :P (I know this sounds a bit 18SX) I need to explain more.

So as you can see this is really a cream to relief itches. I don't know what to do without her. I love you Mindy =)

The END~
P/S: <3 Forever


Mindy said...

bluekk :p thx to me...i <3 u too

pikey said...

Hope u get well soon...

chenlin said...

Bruce's panadol, flavour = sweet
chenlin's panadol, flavour = Extra bitterness..T.T

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