The Damn Noisy Laptop Fan Incident

The story start yesterday when I return home from class. Like my usual routine I open my laptop to check on my blog and Facebook. Suddenly my laptop let out this terrible noise, like my laptop is screaming of pain. Both me and my roommate shock when we hear this sound. I track the noise come from my laptop fan, and decide to solve my first hardware problem, I'm going to open my laptop!!!

So today I went to Kangar with Mindy to buy my first ever flat screwdriver. With head size of 3mm I thought that it can open the screw on my laptop but CANNOT!! I need smaller screwdriver T.T After asking people around finally I get to borrow a smaller screwdriver to open my laptop.

Flat screwdriver used to open my Acer laptop

OMG ~ I feel like doing surgery to my laptop as I carefully open up the top 8 screw to reveal the inside part of my laptop including the cooling fan. After checking through the fan I didn't notice anything weird except for some long accumulated dust. This is when the PRO Tete (My Coursemate) step in and help me to check on my laptop.

Inside my Acer laptop reveal for the first time

In the end we finally found out the cause behind the dreadful noise. There is this stupid sticker from the component inside interfering with the rotation of the fan causing the loud noise. After a few second the PRO manage to take out the stupid sticker.

The stupid sticker that stuck inside my laptop fan

Finally problem solve, I'm so glad that everything is back to normal and my laptop is once again soundless and happy^^ I can't live without my lappie~

My brand new fan after cleaning and working smoothly

The END~


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow....looks super clean now :P

Nikel Khor said... ler..

SonnyKazu said...

I better dun do anything stupid on my lappy... :D

Ronikenz said...

If i were you i would throw it away and buy a new one! HAHAHAHAH.

♥ HL ♥ said...

wah pro!!!! anyway...acer always have these kinda problems....sienzz~

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