Internship In RK-M

This is actually a random post. I started my internship yesterday and today is my second day. It feels quite scary on first day because seeing everyone working makes me feel that I'm actually working too, but it's ok now as I'm getting used to the environment. I still not comfortable with everyone looking at me because everyone is wearing uniform and only me wearing my own shirt.

Today as soon as I start sit down on my place, again there is nothing else to do except studying the manual book. By now I can describe briefly of the whole roller chain manufacturing process, seeing the manual book repeatedly is making me drowsy. After lunch finally I got a job to do, not really a big task but I enjoy doing it, or I rather do it then facing that manual book=.="

Let me introduce you all to Mr. Piercing Punch. You all can call him Mr.Punch. Mr.Punch here is all wear out as he involve in the stamping of metal plate so he is going to be reborn to become a whole new Piercing Punch again. 

My task is to measure their diameter and put them into categories according to the diameter. Yes there are a few of Piercing Punch here.

Together there are 183 Piercing Punch to be recycle. Not many really, not enough to kill my time lol, so after finish measuring and put them into categories~

 Masterpiece lol

Mission Impossible!!! Guess how I manage to pull this off?? ^^

Look kind of weird but you get what I'm trying to do =P

My supervisor seem to have lot for me to accomplish in the future, just hope it's not hard job to do. Hope everything will goes well =) And for those of you who still wondering where I'm having my internship~ It's Kilang Rantai S.A Sdn Bhd, the pioneer of roller chain industry in Penang, Malaysia =)

The END~


chenlin said...

For the 2nd last picture, thanks to Mr. Photoshop??..lolx

Mindy said... wonder he said i'm nt suitable la said...

lol.. yea.. thanks to mr. photoshop?

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