Goodbye My Puppy

I'm finally back at home guys ^^ Can't believe I blog twice today, and of course there is reason for that. Shall I start with my journey back home? As planned after having our lunch, I fetch my baby to Wang Ulu because she is going back home by his cousin's friend. This time is different in many way compare to our separation before as she is going back home by car and we will be separate for more than 4 month. Feel really reluctant to see her depart, yet somehow I feel I'm going to see her again (My intuition is quite good you see =P)

For the next one hour plus journey is one of the best I had lol, we are together on the same road chasing each other on separate car. At some point I feel like chasing after my bride^^ until we reaches the rest stop my baby ride on my car since we are still heading for the same direction. We sing in the car and experience one scary accident, I'm glad we are safe because of the crystal =P (sorry I'm still obsess with crystal ^^)

The real reason I want to write this post is because my puppy. The very first thing I did when I reaches home is to find my mom. However I didn't saw my puppy anywhere, and my mom told me the puppy is died two weeks ago. I feel sad when I heard about this, it has been almost 5 month the puppy live with our family. I didn't have the chance to play with her much since I'm in university and plan to play with her during my long holiday, but she leave so soon. Life is so unpredictable, my old dog is still stand guard for our house for almost 13 years until now, yet my puppy cannot survive over half year.

To my puppy: Even tough we didn't spend time together very long but it is fun playing with you, you are always so noisy, hyperactive and want us to play with you. You always so cute after you done eating because your tummy will turn big and round^^ I wonder why you will always stay still when I blow air on your face, I hope it's not because my breath is bad =P Goodbye puppy, our family love you~ <3

Getting a bit emotional writing this, now that my puppy is gone I treasure my time with my old dog more. She is really old now, almost blind and cripple a bit, but she still have her strong barking voice, guarding our house  with all her strength. Going to play with my dog now =)

The END~


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